Monday, December 20, 2010


one of the most popular phrases in any language is probably "I love u" . In Japanese, "love" is "ai", and verb form "to love" is "aisuru". "I love u" can be literally translated as "aishite imasu". "Aishiteru yo"or "aishiteru wa" (female speech) is normally used in conversation. However, the Japanese don't say "I love u" as often as Western people do, because of cultural differences. I am not surprised if some Japanese say that they have never used these expressions in their life.

ok ! nie adalah maksud aishiteru 2.. so, rajin2 la ucap aishiteru kt pasangan masing2..biar dia ternganga nnt, HAHA!~
mcm lagu nie, comel bangat!!

i LOVE the way u are...
ape pon awak buat saya suke...

saya suka lagu nie, saya harap awak bukak BLOG nie cepat2..
walaupon awak bz, saya nak awak selalu bkk BLOG KITA nie k..
saya nak awak tau ape yg saya buat kt sini..
saya nak awak tau perasaan saya yg saya luahkan kt sini..

mcm lagu nie..AISHITERU by zifilia..
awak search lagu nie k nnt..
saya suke lagu nie..

AISHITERU sayang !!

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